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Why spend your valuable time searching endlessly for a NYC notary public when our professional Mobile Notaries and Agents (for foreign-bound documents) are available when and where you need them to be!

If you cannot travel to the Notary Public Office due to scheduling conflicts, disabilities, working hours, transportation problems or child care issues we will travel to the location of your choice, in all 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens, in order to fulfill notarial duties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’ll visit you at home, hospital, car dealership, bank, and office or nearby place to handle NY and NJ notarization and documents preparation for domestic and international use, for everything.

Make appointment via phone - email OR our website .

We provide services to individuals, attorneys, real estate agencies and investors, insurance companies, lenders, title, mortgage, settlement services, medical professionals and auto dealerships.

The same – day appointments are available.

 let us know the day and time when you would like a Notary to meet you, and get it taken care of!

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Declaimer: We are not attorneys. We do not provide legal advice.



Power of Attorney and Personal Statements.
– Acknowledgements and Affidavits
– Bank Forms
– Title and Bills of Sale
– Loan Signing
– Refinancing and Mortgage Documents
– Deeds and Trusts
– Last Will and Testaments
– Living Will, Trusts
– Health Care Proxy and Directives
– Estate Planning
– Guardianship
– Medical Treatment Authorization Forms
– Prenuptial Agreements
– Apostille services NY, NJ, CT, PA, CA, FL and other states
– Embassy Legalization and Authentication Mobile Notary services NYC

The idea of a mobile notary, especially the mobile notary public services in NYC, has become very popular nowadays, because it is a service that makes it convenient for the public to be able to make use of a notary at place and time specified by a client. Notaries are needed for a variety of issues, not the least of which are closings on homes, properties and business properties. There are times when people are simply not able to get out and visit a notary in their office setting, so being able to come to the client is a great help. For disabled people, people in hospitals and nursing homes, such a service is very helpful.

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Apostille for 50 states /Apostille from the U.S. Department of State

Does your document originate from any of 50 U.S. states and you are in need to obtain an Apostille Certificate from another state’s Office of the Secretary of State? Neither place of your residence or state where your document was issued matters – at the we can obtain apostille or certification on any document from any state in the USA!

Do you need to apostille personal or business documents at the Federal Department of State? From FBI issued certificates to the documents issued by Food and Drugs administration – can apostille or legalize any of the document you might need by processing documents issued from the U.S. Federal Government through the Washington, D.C.

If your document is meant for use in the countries who signed an Apostille Convention – we’ll obtain an Apostille on them. If you intend to present a document to authorities in the countries which do not accept Apostille, we’ll handle the multi – step consular or embassy legalization in accordance with legal requirements of these counties.

What is Embassy or Consular Legalization?

Embassy legalization is an alternative method for document legalization, which substitutes an Apostile and is applicable to countries that are not members of the Hague  Convention of 1961 . This type of document legalization consists of the recognition of the signature or authentication of the actual document. The legalization of the document, however, does not guarantee the acceptance of its content nor its approval.

In most cases, a Consular or Embassy Legalization will require the document to be notarized by a Notary Public or signed by an competent officer (ie: a city clerk  a chief of the FBI biometric services division, a rector of the university, dean of the faculty, a school principal, etc.). Next would come an authentication from a Country Clerk (in some US states), certification provided by a Secretary of State, a foreign affairs office, the U. S. State Department, DFAT, FCO etc. and finally a foreign embassy or consulate.

Why legalize public documents?

Any public or personal document originating from a foreign country and intended to be used in another foreign State has to be properly legalized in order to be accepted by overseas authorities. The legalization applies to such documents as vital records, FBI background check check certificates , diplomas, transcripts, court judgments, petitions for a name change, decrees regarding a name change, summonses, notarized powers of attorney, affidavits, corporate by-laws, certificates of incorporation, contracts, auction proposals, certificates of origins, commercial invoices, etc. Proper legalization of documents is obligatory because foreign authorities need to be ensured that the documents presented to them are genuine and were issued by an authorized official in order to act in a particular capacity competent authority in the USA or any other country. This is why a completion of multi–step process of verification of documents authenticity is necessitated by most of non-Apostille countries.

  • Our professional document translations are accurate; our translation process is collaborative and quality assured; and most of all… our results are tangible.

  • Types of documents we translate

  • Document translation is not an easy task to pick but whatever the services are offered,’ professional translators professionals should be able to tackle the job.
    Whatever the demands may be for your language translation, our ATA (American Translators Association) certified linguists should be able to help you out with the document translation inquiry. The following is an insight of documents that can be translated:

  • – Birth and death certificates
    – Marriage and divorce certificates
    – Separation agreements
    – Diplomas, Transcripts and Course description
    – Academic reports
    – Legal documents
    – Financial reports
    – Medical prescriptions and reports
    – Technical documents translation
    – Employee handbooks and Employment Cards
    – Immigration papers and documents for the USCIS
    – Sales documentation
    – Website content
    – Software content translation

  • Our document translation services agency NYC with office in Brooklyn has promising and committed team of experienced translators who can take any document translation task into 52+ foreign languages.
    In the translation field, there are many professional areas of document translation. Our translators are experts in particular field. Whether your project involves insurance, computing, literature, government, law, business, financial, commercial or medical field, we assign a proper translator to your project.

  • Some translations appear difficult to handle and may involve combination work of the team of translators. Therefore, it is vital to rely on the skills of highly trained editors, translators, proofreaders and terminology experts. Our professional translators manage glossaries, establish standard procedures, handle frequent updates and revisions and follow up alterations in technical, financial, legal and medical translation. Accordingly, you receive the highest quality certified translation of any document required translation.

  • Translation services and confidentiality

  • Confidentiality and trust are imperative principles required in document translation. At  we do understand that documents to be translated have legal value, contain vital information about your company or personal details. Our translators keep such information undisclosed to avoid unnecessary security hitches. For this reason, our translation company takes security issues very seriously and bound all services with a commercial confidentiality.

  • Legalizing certified translation for international use

  • The primary goals of a reliable document translation services agency are to maintain authenticity and legalization of translated documents. Clients usually do not have enough information to understand whether translators can make their documents legit in foreign languages. Thus, they count on the standard of translation companies to legalize their documents such as marriage and divorce certificates among others.

  • has a credible reputation in translation legalization if a professional translation is meant to be used overseas. We’ll produce the certified legal document translation and a certificate of accuracy and legalized them upon request. Besides, we’ll assist you to acquire eligible material in the language required.

  • Translation formats

  • Document translation demands skilled computing knowledge because the documents can be presented in vast formats such as PDF, PS, PPT, DFW, Xls, SWF, and RT. In this scenario, our translators and editors are high skilled at maintaining and delivering the duplicate translated material same as the original content.

  • For free quote, please contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.

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